Support Your Industry

Make sure your local parliamentary candidates
commit to supporting the Hair Industry if they are elected on June 8th

To secure change and ensure that the hair industry gets the recognition in Parliament that it deserves, we need to ensure that MPs have committed to supporting our industry during the election campaign.

To do this, I would be very grateful if you would email your local candidates to introduce yourself, and the Hair Council, and ask them to commit to representing your views in Parliament should they be elected.

If you are happy to do so, please do the following:

  1. We have created a template email ( candidatemail.html ) for you to send to your local candidates (replace all 5 of the names and numbers in square brackets - and feel free to make other edits if you would like).
  2. The best website for finding your local candidates and their contact details is Who Can I Vote For - (This website is being updated with candidate details all the time, so please check in regularly if not all of your candidates details are available).
  3. Please forward any responses you receive to
I hope you are able to join us in building support for the hair industry during this General Election, and into the next Parliament.