Shaping the future together

Testimonials and Endorsements

“The Hair and Beauty Industry Authority (HABIA) and the Hair and Barber Council (HBC) have worked together for many years, with a mutual respect and a shared vison for a regulated sector. With the proliferation of short, unregulated courses, our partnership becomes even more important, so together we can champion high standards, professionalism and mandatory regulation across the hair, barbering and beauty sector”.

Joan Scott, CEO and Chair of HABIA

“As leading organisations in the beauty and hair industries respectively, The British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology (BABTAC) and The Hair & Barber Council (HBC) have long shared a mutual respect driven by our reflected values and objectives. This has led to a close alliance for many years during which our organisations have collaborated on a number of important projects together. It is a privilege to work with such a professional ally and we will continue to support and pool our resources and expertise for the good of the industry going forward.”


“We have been a supporter of the Hair and Barber council for over 10 years, as we believe the industry needs structure and protection. It is of the utmost importance that our industry be considered a valued service of society, which is what Keith and his team are working diligently on. At Neville we believe the hairdressing industry has so much potential, not only from a professional aspect but also on a human level. Hairdressing offers a world of possibility and career prospects to anyone. It is an industry that is inclusive and offers people that have society perceived “disadvantages” into super powers.”

Elena Lavagni, Neville Hair and Beauty, Belgravia, London

“The Hair & Barber council work tirelessly to gain government recognition for our industry. During the last year with Covid19, they have kept us up to date with all the new regulations for PPE and COVID safety for our industry; they have also given signposts for the latest government grants and loans.

For the last few years Marvell Academy have included pre-registration to the Hair and Barber Council for all our Hairdressing students.  We think that it is our duty to set our new hairdressers off on the right foot by becoming a member of the Hair & Barber Council as soon as they have qualified.  We are proud of the professionalism of our industry and feel that compulsory state registration is what it truly deserves.”

Yvonne Marvell, Director, Marvell Training Academy, Swindon

“I am proud and honoured to have been a member of the Hair and Barber Council for more than 20 years, for our business it reassures clients we are pro active and truly care about professionalism, standardisation, and regulating our industry.

For our team it gives them a sense of pride to be a part of an organisation that represents the industry in parliamentary discussions at the highest level in Government.

The Hair and Barber Council is the effective voice of our industry who work tirelessly to raise the industry standards, 

In recent times the Hair and Barber Council have achieved results that we have constantly visualized and with your support we will grow to become a legislated industry and will receive the recognition and respect our industry truly deserve.”

Trisha Buller, Owner, Ciente, Berkhampstead

“The Hair and Barber Council have been a long established organisation campaigning for recognition as a professional, well-qualified industry.

Having represented Scotland on the Hair and Barber Council Committee for many years I have seen first hand the dedicated team pushing forward the aim of mandatory registration. Had we all been registered pre Covid-19 maybe all the salons would have had a more even playing field with equal support and one place to rely on good information and advice to help them through this hard time…. this is what the Hair and Barber Council shine at.

If we work together to achieve this Mandatory Registration Goal we will have a more powerful voice representing the weight of our industry.

Working closely with the APPG in Westminster many concerns have been raised, and some resolved. The industry recognition has improved with this parliamentary group and public awareness has risen. We are a £6.6 Billion pound industry and growing …lets unite and get the best for our industry and ourselves: recognition, status and more power to make changes that will benefit all of us. “

Fiona Johnston, Owner, Trigg Hair Studio, Edinburgh

“As a Member of the Hair and Barber Council we feel that they are at the heart of everything we do. 

They campaign at the highest levels to ensure we have a real say about government policies and laws that affect our salons and barbershops that in turn will make a true difference to our industry’s future and our business. “

Christopher Friend and Nigel Faulkner
Buzby and Blue Hairdressing and Beauty, Chichester

“You will not hear a stronger voice than that of The Hair and Barber Council lobbying to raise standards in the hair industry and to get our hairdressers and barbers the professional recognition they have trained long and hard for. Providing clear advice and guidance on what salon owners needed to consider reopening their salon doors safely. If you are passionate about your profession and believe like us and The Hair and Barber Council you should be recognised for the high standards and services you provide in the Industry, then don’t think twice about becoming a member, your membership is critical in helping to elevate this Industry and get the professional recognition you deserve.”

Julie Winchester, General Manager, Kao Salon Division

“I am sure you will benefit from your new membership. The Hair & Barber Council has championed the needs of salon owners during the pandemic. They have lobbied the government for support and helped to provided clarity around the government guidelines. These actions have helped to unify us as a community.

Your membership, adds further endorsement to the important work that the Hair & Barber Council are doing on the implementation of mandatory registration which will help further improve the standards and practice across the sector.”

VTCT Chief Executive Alan Woods OBE

“As MD of Francesco Group with 38 franchised salons and a leading provider of professional development for hairdressers through apprenticeships, we firmly believe that the Hair and Barber Council is a vital body in the crusade for the professionalism of our wonderful industry.

We’ve been often asked why?, For Francesco Group the reason is simple, The Hair and Barber Council is the only body that has the legal remit from Government to lead and create our professional body.

This will give our customers, freelance/mobile hairdresser, salon employed hairdresser or barber the transparency and confidence to know they deliver a highly competent and safe experience for all.

By becoming a member of the Hair and Barber Council, you are supporting the professional recognition and respect from your peers and the consumer that the vast majority of people in our industry clearly deserve.”

Ben Dellicompagni, Managing Director, Francesco Group, Stafford

“The UK is one of the very few countries, which does not require that hairdressers and barbers are regulated by government in order to protect the public and maintain professional standards throughout the industry. It is time this changed and I am delighted to be involved in the Hair and Barber Council’s campaign for mandatory registration. By joining the Hair and Barber Council you are supporting the sector to create a better future for our industry by becoming State Registered. “

Anne Veck, Co-Owner, Anne Veck Salon, Oxford

“As lockdowns were lifted during 2020, it became clear that Hairdressing Salons and Barbershops were amongst the most COVID compliant businesses that opened. The industries already high standards of hygiene and cleanliness were enhanced by the adopted measures and clients were reassured and felt safe.

The other significant outcome of 2020 was the importance of proximity to government to ensure the industry is effectively and evenly represented. The re-opening of salons and the creation of safe working practices would not have happened without the Hair and Barber Council. It is also due to the lobbying of the Hair and Barber Council, that finally our industry is recognised specifically within the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

These positives, from a very difficult time for us all, are only the start however. The Hair and Barber Council continually lobbies for State Registration for all professionals and a reduction in VAT for our industry. The Council works directly with Parliament on other key issues affecting our industry including apprenticeships, modern slavery and mindfulness.

As a passionate supporter of professional Hairdressing and Barbering, and someone who has promoted an enhanced perception of our industry for over 25 years, I feel that The Hair and Barber Council, and State Registration are our best options for taking our industry forward. What Government wants to see is the industry come forward, and with one voice ask for this recognition and respect. Once that happens, things will move even further forward than they have over this most difficult of years. By joining the Hair and Barber Council, and becoming State Registered you will be part of this positive change.”

Oliver Fincher
Managing Director
Aston & Fincher

“Hairdressers, and business owner’s work hard to train their staff to the highest levels to be able to offer professional services to their clients. Clients need to know they are in the safe hands of a hairdressing professional.

Being regulated will maintain a standard giving confidence to the public, that the correct training has been completed; wages and professional standards are met. This ensures our industry has the respect it deserves for the consumer

The Hair and Barber Council work endlessly with the government to ensure we are given a voice in Parliament at the same time they give industry direction to show the industry is behind regulations, we need to show our support in their membership as many voices make a huge difference “

Karine Jackson Salon, Covent Garden, London

“Congratulations and welcome on successfully joining and supporting the only statuary body backed to hold the register by an Act of Parliament for our industry. The Hair and Barber Council work tirelessly to lobby government and all major stakeholders to get the recognition for our members and our industry we so rightly deserve. You as a new voluntary member realise the importance of our continued fight to gain mandatory registration and in so making a positive change to the current landscape. Yes the aim is too improve standards and tackle the issues we need to change for the good of the industry, but just as important is the way we stand together and form one united voice to force the recognition we are a valued profession that can be worn with pride. These small steps and your continued support will give the Hair and Barber Council and our sector the platform to succeed. Thank you.”

Gary Machin SRSB 

“I joined the Hair & Barber Council because I want to know that we are being represented in Government. The Hair and Barber Council’s All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) gives me confidence that our voices are being heard and that they are fighting to make a difference for us.”

Toby Dicker, joint Managing Director, The Chapel Hair Group

“State registration is mandatory across many other professions but unfortunately not for our industry. Through their work, The Hair and Barber Council champion all stylists, colourists and barbers to join the UK register of qualified hairdressers. Ultimately, mandatory registration is the key driver for our industry to raise its standards and improve the profession’s standing. In turn, this will elevate the professionalism and reputation of our industry by reassuring clients of the quality of our work. Wella are a proud sponsor of the Hair and Barber Council and continue to support its work.”

Allison Hargreaves, National Education Operations and Events Manager UK, Wella UK

“As co-chair of the APPG for Hairdressing, Barbering and Cosmetology it’s an absolute pleasure to work with the Hair and Barber Council. As the statutory authority for hair, barber and beauty, the Hair and Barber Council has been lobbying the U.K. Government for many years to introduce mandatory registration for the people who work in the hair, barber and beauty industry. And was instrumental in working with the U.K. Government to set up a new Personal Care Department within BEIS which will specifically be responsible for dealing with issues that effect the hairdressing, barbering and beauty industry. A massive thank you to the Hair and Barber Council for making sure that the many, wonderful, hard working, people who work in our industry will have a voice in the U.K. Government.”

Christina Rees MP, Co-Chair of the Hairdressing, Barbering and Cosmetology All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) at Westminster

“The Hairdressing, Barbering and Cosmetology APPG is so much more than would first appear.

For new members information, the Hair and Barber Council, and the secretariat the Hair and Barber Council employs, provide a unique insight into all our community’s small business owners, the self-employed and the largely female entrepreneurs who operate in this significant sector of employment in your constituency.

The past five years of the APPG, has been consistent in the drive for mandatory registration in the hairdressing, and barbering industry, and has produced evidence, and provided a top class economic impact assessment across all nations within the UK.

We have advanced mental health issues through links in training industry professionals, established and proven how important all salons and barbershops are to improving climate change and raising environmental responsibility to individuals.

In short the Hair Barbering and Cosmetology APPG, provides an insight into every part of your community and the industry.”

John McNally MP, Co-Chair of the Hairdressing, Barbering and Cosmetology All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) at Westminster.

“I believe our industry needs to be recognised for our professional reputation and high standards. Some also need a bench mark to aspire to. 

The Hair and Barber Council have the ethos of raising those standards and improving professionalism. 

Each member commits to this ethos and we very much feel part of a crucial movement. 

Being part of a group that promotes state registration is key to the industry being taken seriously. Setting clear guidance and standards helps our clientele recognise us for who we really are!

At this uncertain time, my team and I feel represented and supported by The Hair and Barber Council and now more than ever I would urge you to join. “

Louise Thompson-Holt, Senior State Registered Hairdresser (SSRH) Maison Salon, Hove, East Sussex

“I am proud and honoured to have been a State Registered hair professional with the Hair and Barber Council since 1988, I was then awarded Master Craftsman status in 1994.

For me being a State Registered Master Craftsman shows that I am a pro-active fully qualified hair professional and passionate about professionalism, standards and regulation of our industry.

To be a part of an organisation as an elected member of the management committee siting on The Hair and Barber Council, this is the only official effective voice representing our industry working tirelessly to raise our industry standards.

With your support as hair and barber professionals, our industry will grow to become a properly legislated sector that will receive the recognition and respect from the public our industry truly deserves!
You will not hear a stronger voice than that of The Hair and Barber Council, which is consistently lobbying government to raise standards in the hair industry and to get our hair and barber professionals the recognition they have trained long and hard for.

If you are passionate about your profession and believe like us at The Hair and Barber Council in being a recognised profession and respected for the high standards and services you provide in the Industry, then don’t think twice about becoming State Registered, your membership will be critical in helping The Hair & Barber Council to elevate this Industry to get the professional recognition it deserves.”

David Drew SRSH, The Impact Business Success Coach (Consultant) for Salon Owners

“The Hair and Barber Council operate with two very clear and very important stated aims. Both of which are set out with the intention of truly raising the standards and levels of professionalism throughout the hair industry in the UK. This is highly commendable, and the Council should be congratulated for seeking to grow and enhance the reputation of this truly wonderful industry.

In offering state registration for barbers and hairdressers, the Council seeks to raise the professional standards of this industry in line with the likes of doctoring, nursing and dentistry. This can only be a positive thing for an industry often much maligned by the lack of mandatory state registration. The idea that a career in hairdressing or barbering is in any way inferior to other trades is preposterous, but is rarely challenged – the work of the Council is in no doubt going to help reset these misconceptions.

The other key goal of the Council is indeed to seek the change, through the parliamentary process, whereby state registration becomes mandatory. Keith Conniford and the team are leading the way here, through effective engagement and frequent dialogue with parliamentarians of all parties, from all four corners of the United Kingdom, seeking to raise the bar for an industry that could do with a reputational enhancement – to truly reflect the amazing breadth and endeavour of all of those who participate within it.

We at BarberEVO and SalonEVO salute the work of the Hair and Barber Council, and will gladly support its ongoing endeavours for as long as is required for the stated aims to be met.”

David Foster, Commercial Director, BarberEVO and salonEVO