The Hair and Barber Council: at the heart of representing our industry at Government level.

Why join us?

Throughout the Covid pandemic the Hair and Barber Council has been at the forefront of the fight for the rights and interests of our members and the industry.

Supporting the industry in the following ways:

· Ensuring a strong voice is heard in Government representing the hair, barber and beauty sector.

· Speaking directly with Ministers to raise the concerns of the sector.

· At the forefront of negotiations to get a new ‘Personal Care’ department at BEIS (The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy) specifically looking after our sector.

· At the forefront of gaining an earlier opening date in May 2021 whilst gaining the higher ‘grant’ amount of up to £18,000 for our sector.

· Reconstituting the Hair, Barber and Cosmetology All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG)…our sectors gateway to Ministers and MPs

· Having one to one virtual meetings with the Personal Care department at BEIS

· Direct access to the Personal Care team at BEIS to discuss all and any industry issues.

· Holders of the Registration Act of Parliament for Professional Hairdressers and Barbers, the ONLY Statutory Authority empowered by this Act


Join us today and help us to help you whilst

‘Shaping the Future Together’