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Self Employment

Rent a chair is commonplace within hairdressing and barbering, but there are other forms of self -employment used by salon owners and contractors. Over the past few years the issue of self-employment has become much more topical and the subject of some major employment law cases. In 2021 the Uber taxi case was heard by the Supreme Court that confirmed the taxi drivers weren’t self-employed. There are 2 potential pitfall for salon owners; 1 HMRC decide to inspect your business as clearly they potentially lose large amounts of revenue, they would assess if the self – employment was genuine or not 2 The self employed person feels they are really a worker and entitled to the minimum wage an holiday pay.

In 2020 Meghan Gorman (a hairdresser) won her case that she was an employee and the case was on BBC under the heading “ false self-employment”.

This is a growing issue and one where we see HMRC becoming more involved and aware of how some salons are misusing self employed status. 

If you have self-employed workers in your salon or are thinking of doing so we strongly advise you to speak with Gemma at HR Specialists Peninsula. 
As part of your membership of the Hair & Barber Council we have are really pleased to launch a totally free HR support helpline! 
Whether you work in a salon or on your own we can help!  
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Gemma Kelly has worked in HR for 15 years and has received the CIPD Level 7 Award in Employment Law, as well as a Masters Degree in Legal Practice, the Legal Practice Course qualifying as a Trainee Solicitor, and a Law Degree with Honours.

Gemma has excelled within several different departments and specialises in drafting employment documentation, carrying out employment status checks and support with disciplinary and grievance meetings. Gemma also deals with more complex employment issues such as redundancy, TUPE, settlement agreements, managing employee absenteeism and restrictive covenants to help prevent the poaching of staff or clients and to prevent employees from working in direct competition post-employment.


Areas where we can help you:

  • Contracts of Employment/ Employee Handbooks
  • Apprenticeship agreements/contracts Maternity
  • Sickness/Lateness
  • Staff leaving/being poached
  • Restrictive Covenants
  • Training agreements
  • Fire Risk Assessments
  • Health & Safety policies
  • Employment tribunals
  • Employed/Self-Employed status?

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To chat with Gemma please call on 0161 819 4657