JH JHB Covid – Skin Testing March 2021

Skin Testing – Return to Work (RTW): UPDATED 12/3/21

We are advocating that all salons, freelancers and barbers that provide colour services should re Test everyone before a colour service when they return to work (RTW); this to avoid issues hairdressers/ barbers have had re prior COVID positive tests and/ or individuals who have now received their vaccination/s – the whole COVID questionnaires being used in the sector are now becoming a discrimination tool hence the rationale.

Advocate not must; see below:

The key is to ensure that You adhere to manufacturers’ instructions (product label and instructions contained will confirm when a test is required) and/ or our Allergy Alert Consultation and Colour Record Card if used prior to Lockdown/s.

We recommend that You contact your Colour House to ask for further direction on any additional measures that will be required for colour services in view of COVID-19. Always obtain written confirmation to be retained on client record.

In view of Lockdown measures, ‘skin tests’ cannot be undertaken prior to the RTW date for each devolved nation as this is contrary to Government instructions.

Colourstart v2 (Passport)/ Patch Test Kit:
Use of the Colourstart Passport system and Patch Test Kit are deemed acceptable forms of ‘skin tests’ per the terms of the Insurer policy.

Covid Jab/ Colour Services
We are not scientists, but understand that the vaccine should not be a trigger however we are directing clients to open dialogue with their colour house they use to obtain confirmation that a colour service can be undertaken; client to document dialogue/ obtain confirmation and record it.

Thank you in advance