Napps is revolutionising the hair and beauty industry with a new digital platform that brings professional afro and curly hairstylists from all corners of the high street in one place.


Napps mobile web-app gives easy access to people who struggle to find hairdressers skilled in afro-textured hair types, as well as connect hairdressers to the thousands looking for their services in just a few taps.


Finding the right hairdresser can be a challenge, no matter what. However, if you have afro-textured hair, you may be even less confident in choosing a random salon from the internet. Almost 80% of afro-textured-haired women in the UK struggle to find hairdressers nearby, 4 in 5 get turned away by salons who do not cater to their hair type, whereas others travel miles just to get their hair done.


In 2019, Napps founder, Mary Cobbina, wanted to fill in the hair gap and tackle the misconceptions surrounding afro and curly hair, starting with the term ‘Nappy’. Napps is a new narrative taken from the term ‘Nappy’, predominantly used within the Afro-Caribbean community as a derogatory term to describe untidy afro hair. Not only has ‘Nappy’ played a negative role within the community, the struggle of locating hairstylists and salons catered for Afro-Caribbean’s in the UK has played emphasis on this term, perpetuating the idea that afro hair is truly unappealing.


Napps is here to reset the beauty standards, celebrate and embrace all kinds of textures because there is beauty in all textures. Napps have partnered with a wide range of local salons and mobile hairdressers in the London area with a diverse range of skills and specialities. In fact, the brand has handpicked the finest hairdressers around London, so we are confident you’ll find a salon that suits your personal style and hair type.


Napps BETA mobile web-app is available at, where you can explore wide range of services such as curly cuts, silk press, keratin treatments, braids, dreadlocks and more, all styled by the professional hairstylists and salons listed on the app. Users can search by hairstyle or location and book their hair appointment in one tap, all in one place.