The Barber Council was established in 2014. It is part of The Hair Council which is the statutory body established by The Hairdressing Act (1964) and tasked by Government to maintain a register of hairdressers and barbers in the UK.

Currently registration by hairdressers and barbers is voluntary meaning that, in reality, the industry is unregulated. This lack of regulatory protection allows anyone to set themselves up as a hairdresser or barber even if they have no qualifications, experience or training. The public are not aware of this and it cheapens the public's perception of our industry.

The Barber Council shares the same vision as its parent organisation: the introduction of mandatory state registration of all hairdressers and barbers. The Council believes passionately that achieving this goal will strengthen the profession and increase its appeal to young people entering the industry.

The Barber Council is made up of senior barbers and educators along with representatives from other industry associations, the wholesale trade, manufacturers, journalists and qualification awarding organisations. The Council thus comprises a comprehensive cross-section of industry people all of whom are unpaid volunteers with barbering at their heart.

  • Earn RESPECT from your peers in the trade that you have made the effort to register and are proud to have the initials SRB after your name.
  • Offer REASSURANCE to your clients and future clients that you have the qualifications, experience and skills to deliver male grooming services which will make them look good and feel good.
  • Gain public RECOGNITION that you are a professional trades person and not a rogue trader. Registration indicates that you are a bona fide barber with the necessary insurance cover in place to protect your clientele.

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