Economic Impact Assessment Report
of the Hair and Beauty Sector on the UK Economy

£6.6 billion contribution to the UK Economy!

That's what the Hair and Beauty sector contributes to the UK on an annual basis, which equates to at least 8% of the total that the retail sector generates, and confirms the sector's hugely positive value to the UK economy.

This much anticipated report, commissioned by the Hair and Barber Council in conjunction with BABTAC (British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology), was launched in the Palace of Westminster on the 22nd May 2019, to an audience of politicians and industry professionals from all parts of the sector.

This is the first time that a genuinely peer-reviewed economic impact of the sector has been conducted for the whole of the UK and by each of the devolved nations individually.

With more than 49,000 businesses employing almost 337,000 people, this report proves that the Hair and Beauty sector is a significant and a major employer and not one to be ignored!

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Hair, barber and beauty salons/spas are the heartbeat of the UK's high streets, with barbershops especially growing significantly year on year.

This report shows unequivocally the enormous value, and great career choices associated with the industry, and further strengthens the need and desire from the public and industry to finally have the sector recognised as the professionals they are.

Note: The Hair and Barber Council together with BABTAC are calling for Government to amend the current voluntary Hairdressing Act to that of Mandatory, whilst adding Beauty into the body of the Act.

The findings are summarised here, along with the recommendations:

Northern Ireland

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Notes to editors:

The British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology (BABTAC)

BABTAC is the longest established and most widely recognised membership organisation in the beauty industry, representing highly trained professionals who care about their clients. BABTAC checks the credentials of each and every beauty or holistic therapist before they are given membership of the association, so clients can feel safe when they see the BABTAC logo in the salon.
Established in Gloucester in 1977, BABTAC is headed by a Council of industry professionals and offers unrivalled beauty expertise, a rigorous ethical code and a professional practice standard. They work 'not for profit' so their main concerns are the well-being of their Members, regulation of the industry and public welfare.

The Hair & Barber Council

The Hair & Barber Council's aim is to raise standards, improve professionalism and the perception of the hair and barber industry to the general public, whilst working towards finally regulating the industry. Established by an Act of Parliament, and currently a voluntary register, the association operates not-for-profit and is firmly rooted in ensuring the ongoing professional reputation of their members and the industry as a whole in the future.