Icons of Hairdressing
What do the leading hairdressers of the day have to say?
Anthony Mascolo

"I am a registered hairdresser because I believe that to be part of a profession requires the highest standards. Education and on-going training are fundamental to be a successful hairdresser. To be globally recognised and respected as an industry, it should be a legal requirement for all hairdressers to be registered"

Daniel Galvin OBE

It is wholly unacceptable that British hairdressing is globally recognised as being the very best yet we remain one of the few countries where we are not recognised by the government as a licensed trade. Any salon owner / manager / hairdresser who remotely considers themselves a professional must act and register with the council now.

Lino Carbosiero MBE

"Being registered is really important and I back registration to the hilt. Lack of regulations harm our reputation and our industry. In the past, just like you did not need to have a license to drive any kind of machinery, you did not need to pass any hairdressing qualification tests to become a hairdresser. Now and in the future, people coming to the hairdressing industry should all complete their training, qualifications and get registered"

Mark Hayes

Having a state registration system is important for the public to recognise that we are a self-regulating industry that believes in high standards of practice.

However, I believe this is just the first step. To raise the levels further, the industry needs to appoint a panel of highly regarded hair professionals to establish criteria with clear guidelines upon which state registration is based.

Lisa Shepherd

"I'm proud to be a state registered hairdresser. Many hair professionals are highly qualified and skilled and invest constantly in their own career development. Being recognised as an expert by an independent body such as the Hairdressing Council gives us as individuals and our industry as a whole, much deserved respect and recognition. At just £39 a year it's a small price to pay to reassure anyone seeking hair services that they have chosen a true practiced specialist with independently assessed skills to take care of them. I urge all committed hairdressers to stand up and be counted for the amazing work they do"

Warren Holmes

The industry does so so much for people, I commend those that work tirelessly free of charge to improve the industry image, sometimes to the detriment of their own business. One issue I have is the idea that somebody/anybody can stand behind a chair and claim to be a hairdresser when in fact they are not. Or somebody who opens a salon with the intention of possibly not using it as a hair salon fills me with disgust.

This needs to be looked at right away. It's only the government who can bring in proper legislations to ensure the safety and professionalism of our great industry. Hairdressers can get a rough ride at times and it's fair to say we don't get taken all that seriously at times. Is it any wonder when the Government can't even pull their finger out to properly endorse us?

All those in support of the Hairdressing Council give yourselves a pat on the back.
The Council is an organisation that is trying to raise awareness and change this. In America you have sit an exam, it's quite daunting really and that's exactly how it should be.

Anne Veck

"British hairdressing is the best in the world. However, ironically, the UK is one of a very few countries in Europe which does not demand that hairdressers are regulated by government in order to protect the public and maintain standards throughout the industry. It is time this changed and I am delighted to be involved in the Hairdressing Council's campaign for registration.

I qualified as a professional hairdresser in France so I have personal experience of the benefits registration can have for the industry as a whole and for clients and hairdressers themselves."

Errol Douglas MBE

State registration is crucial to the reputation of our industry and to each of us as individual stylists. The talent, experience and expertise in the hair industry is to be celebrated and protected by registration. Join and support professionalism in our industry. We all deserve the very best reputation, we work hard for it, producing stunning work and delivering top client service

Angelo Seminara

"The world of hairdressing is amazing; as well as giving you the great satisfaction of making people look and feel better, it also offers rewards both creative and financial. British hairdressing is seen as being the best in the world and I'm proud to be part of it and I'm passionate about what I do. That's why I'm just as passionate that we're recognised for our expertise, taken seriously by people outside our world that hairdressing is one of the finest professions to be involved in. Being a State Registered Hairdresser proves our professionalism and I encourage every qualified hairdresser who champions our craft to register with the Hairdressing Council. It shows you mean business."

Andrew Barton

Registration of hairdressers is vital to the professionalism and quality of the trade. It gives a benchmark that unites the industry and communicates professionalism to the consumer.

Jamie Stevens

"I feel passionately that hairdressing deserves respect as a serious profession; so by making sure you are State Registered and encouraging others to do the same, it will pave the way for change to raise standards and ensure the professionalism of our industry, in turn changing perceptions outside of it"

Paul Falltrick

Having been registered for many years, I fully support the movement to make the industry more regulated and feel it's really important for the reputation of British Hairdressing that a constant standard and level of professionalism is maintained throughout the UK.

     I'm proud to be part of an organisation that gives clients an informed way to find great salons in their local areas and look forward to spreading the word and helping the movement grow.

Patrick Cameron

"The main reason I get behind hairdressing registration is because British hairdressing is so highly thought of around the world. I believe that a hairdressing standard for all is the best way forward and Hairdressing Registration gives us that chance of creating a coherent industry"

Richard Ward

I have just registered my whole salon team because I believe State Registration is the way forward for our profession. Until we are regulated we must protect our reputation and expertise and I cannot urge you enough to get behind the campaign.