Letter from the Hair and Barber Council CEO

18th March 2020

Paul Scully MP
Minister for Small Business and Labour Markets
1 Victoria Street

Dear Minister,

As the Statutory Authority representing the Hairdressing and Barbering Industry, I am writing to you to ask that our industry, its staff and everyone connected with our supply chain be strongly considered in your discussions and decision-making plans in relation to the coronavirus.

As you may know, the Hairdressing, Barbering and Beauty professional industry contributes £6.6 billion to the UK economy each year, employs upwards of 337,687 individuals across 49,371 businesses and trains over 16,000 apprentices. We are at the heart of the high street, offering vital social interaction and a safe relaxing and therapeutic space for the community. Every week our professionals are helping those who are already struggling with social isolation or mental health problems.

Due to the very nature of the industry, we are expecting to be hit incredibly hard by the measures being put in place to combat the virus, as people reduce their social contact further over the coming weeks and months. Whilst we understand that these measures are necessary to protect the wellbeing of the nation and know that many sacrifices are being made across the country, we would urge you to keep the industry present in your mind during this challenging time.

We welcome the initiatives announced by the Chancellor of Exchequer to ease the negative impact of the coronavirus on businesses and self-employed persons, but the industry requires urgent clarification on how they can make full use of this aid. For example, the extension of the business rates holiday which is now open to all retailers, and the option of cash grants.

We wish the Government the very best in tackling this dreadful disease. Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to our reply in due course to b.sidwell@connectpa.co.uk or the address below.

Yours faithfully,

Keith Conniford

Registrar and CEO
The Hair and Barber Council

30 Sydenham Road
020 8760 7010