Why Register?
How can you prove you're a real professional?

By joining thousands of other stylists as a State Registered Hairdresser, you will gain:

  • Official recognition under the law: the Hairdressers Registration Act
  • A Certificate underwritten by the law, by Act of Parliament.
  • The right to use the initials SRH after your name.
  • The right to apply for the Master Craftsman Diploma, possibly after just two years.
    Only State Registered Hairdressers can be Master Craftsmen in hairdressing.
  • Credentials you will find useful - or may need - if wanting to practise hairdressing in Europe, America or elsewhere.
  • Access to free advice on the SRH dedicated phone line.
  • Access to possibly the cheapest insurance cover available.
  • Every issue of the exclusive 'Hairdresser' magazine.
  • The possibility of attending a reception in the House of Commons to mix with politicians, industry figures and celebrity stylists

Why wait? register today !