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DiplomaThe Master Craftsman Diploma is among the world’s more select and famous hairdressing awards.

Only State Registered Hairdressers with management and training experience – in fact the cream of British hairdressing – are even awarded the diploma. The diploma comes in five impressive formats, each of A4 size or larger which are described below.

In addition to salon based stylists, the Master Craftsman Diploma is popular with and often sought by hairdressing teachers whether in public sector colleges of further education or private section schools of hairdressing.

Applicants for the Master Craftsman Diploma may qualify either by OPTION 1 OR OPTION 2

Option 1

Applicants must hold NVQ Level 3 or City & Guilds Advanced Studies, have three years’ practical experience since training plus one year’s experience in management or tutoring; have been of registration standard for a minimum of three years and a State Registered Hairdresser for at least two years.

Option 2

Applicants must have at least three years practical hairdressing experience since completing training plus two years experience in management or training, have been of registration standard for at least three years and a State Registered Hairdresser for at least two years.

Both options: Please enclose evidence of managerial position or a copy of your teacher training certificate.
Supporting documents must be sent by post , or may be scanned and emailed to

How to Apply

Successful applicants will normally receive their script written diploma within 28 days. Appropriate fees must be submitted with applications. Fees will be returned to unsuccessful applicants.

Prices below are once-only, for the MC registration and Diploma, and include postage and packing; for overseas deliveries £15 will be added at checkout. Subsequent years are charged at the normal SRH or SRB rate.

If you fit either option profile above:


NB: Your Master Craftsman status remains active as long as you remain a paid up member of the Hair and Barber Council.
If you cancel your membership for whatsoever reason or you choose not to renew, your Master Craftsman eligibility expires and you would have to re apply at a later date if you decide to rejoin the Hair and Barber Council (see application terms above)


Choose from five handsome frames when you apply:

Gold plaque

A : Burnished brass plaque,
mounted on solid wood background
£204 inc p&p
Silver Plaque

B : Burnished silver metallic plaque and frame
E : Also available as brass plaque in gold coloured frame
£204 inc p&p
Diploma Stylish Frame

C : Diploma in stylish frame
£174 inc p&p

D : Modern Acrylic display frame with silver plaque
£204 inc p&p OUT OF STOCK