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RLK Solicitors – rescuing salons from greedy insurance companies.

David vs Goliath:
RLK Solicitors rescuing salons from greedy insurance companies.

Since the pandemic hit and caused many businesses to close their doors, RLK Solicitorshave fought the corner of businesses refused cover for losses by their insurers caused by
RLK Solicitors represent hundreds of salons stonewalled by insurers and require legalassistance in bringing the fight to insurers who have, in almost all cases, unreasonablyrefused cover.
RLK Solicitors had many huge successes in claims brought by salons. We have helped ourclients to recover tens of thousands of pounds in claims which were initially refused whenbrought to the attention of insurers. This source of funds has been invaluable to many ofour clients whose businesses were hit hard by the pandemic.
Once insurers have accepted liability, they often make initial derisory offers ofsettlement. We make detailed legal arguments and force the issue with a robust, yetmeasured, approach in arguing for further compensation. Our approach has successfullyincreased many offers of settlement that were initially undervalue to figures whichaccurately reflect the losses suffered by businesses, such as salons, during the pandemic
Whilst we have achieved great success in many matters, the battle in many cases inrespect of policy coverage remains ongoing, with many insurers maintaining theinsurance policy does not provide cover for pandemic losses. However, we anticipate inthe coming months with further legal arguments and given recent developments in thelaw, we will be in a position to help countless salons recover losses incurred during thepandemic.
If you have previously made a claim under your policy of insurance and your insurer hasrejected your claim, please contact us and we can discuss your claim with you and advisewhether we are able to be of assistance.
Please contact our Business Interruption Insurance team. Please either call 0121 4507800 or email or visit