Russell James Salon in Buckinghamshire fully supports compulsory registration

Russell James Salon in Buckinghamshire fully supports compulsory registration


Russell James Salon in Buckinghamshire fully supports compulsory registration for the sector in line with the Hair and Barber Council and all their team are state registered.

In line with their high professional standards, the salon uses Colourstart as their preferred allergy testing protocol.

Derry Vilcans-Moody is a highly respected and successful salon owner, master colour expert, educator and state registered hairdresser and barber with the Hair and Barber Council. His salon, Russell James, is in Chalfont St Giles in leafy Buckinghamshire, and has a clientele of 500 or so spanning a wide cross-section of the local community and beyond.

It’s not just Derry who’s state registered, all the team are too: “We choose to do it because we think it’s the right thing to do. We fully support the campaign to introduce compulsory registration for the profession. And we want to contribute to raising the quality of service delivery across the board and elevating the status of the profession.”

In line with the high standards promoted by the Councils, Derry has robust procedures in place at Russell James. Not least of these is his allergy testing protocol. Derry was an early adopter of the Colourstart and Colourstart Passport testing process: “It’s MHRA approved, which means it’s the gold standard of testing. Since it’s self-administered, it gives both us and our clients much more flexibility to colour, and it’s more cost- and time-effective for us too.”

When Derry first introduced Colourstart, he contacted all his clients by email to announce his new colour safe testing policy. He sent out links to the Colourstart and Passport websites and talked clients through the process. He also set out his colour safe policy on the salon website, describing the 5 simple steps to use Colourstart, and made his own ‘how to do it’ video along with Colourstart’s instructional video as well.

New clients are asked to arrange a consultation ahead of an appointment, and during that the team explain the Colourstart testing process, and then send the Passport link for the client to sign up. The “vast majority” of Russell James clients now use Colourstart, and Derry says it’s very much his preferred choice: “We do still give clients the option of choosing an AAT skin test,” he says, “but as of January this year, we’re now charging £10 for the AAT test. That’s to cover our time doing it and the cost of product we have to use. We think that’s only fair.”

Derry is clear about the benefits that Colourstart offers: ”Testing before colour is absolutely essential. And Colourstart is the officially approved, standardised test for our industry. We use it because it cuts through the confusion surrounding testing and substantiates our reputation for setting the safety and wellbeing of our clients as our highest priority.”


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