Shaping the future together


Recognising your teams professionalism through State Registration is good for the business, good for your clients and shows your team you value them.  

We’ve made registering your team really quick and easy, the more team members you sign up the larger the discount and trainees and apprentices are totally free! 

When you join you are giving your team the official recognition they deserve and showcasing their professionalism with clients.

Membership fees:

Our annual team membership fees are:

  • For group memberships from 1 to 5 stylists the yearly fee is reduced by 20% (normally £50 per year for Graduates & Associates, £70 per year for Hairdressers, Barbers or Master Craftsperson) 
  • For group memberships of 6 to 10 stylists the yearly fee is reduced by 40% 
  • For group memberships of 11 or more stylists please contact us for bespoke pricing 
  • Those in training (up to NVQ Level 2) are totally free! 


To register you need the name of each stylist, their level and date of qualification. That’s it!   JOIN YOUR TEAM NOW 

Here is what membership gives your stylists:

● Professional accreditation from the UK’s official statutory hairdressing authority 

● Highlights their professional standards and status 

● The right to use the credentials SRH / SRB after their name 

● Giving our industry a voice with politicians and decision makers

● Access to exclusive discounts on hair products and services

● Monthly webinars on business and creative topics to help them develop their skills and professionalism 

● Merchandise and free media tools to show clients you’re an accredited member

About us:

Our aim is to raise standards and improve professionalism within the industry.

We represent the needs of the sector by lobbying with government. This is only made possible by your membership and those of thousands of other hairdressers and barbers across the UK.

It is really easy to join, and we are here to support you. If you have any questions please call us on 020 8760 7010 or email