Statement from Ben Dellicompagni

Statement from Ben Dellicompagni


It is with the deepest regret that I have had to decide to end my very brief term as Chair of the Hair and Barber Council.

It saddens me deeply to have to do this as the team on Council with the tireless work of our Registrar was really starting to take shape and pull together to achieve our ultimate ambition of mandatory registration and the formal recognition by Government of our craft as a true profession.

The reason for my decision is I’m afraid that in these very challenging circumstances, I must focus on my own business, the Francesco Group, and until this pandemic and associated challenges are over to be 100% there for my own company. This has led to a high degree of soul searching and facing the difficult decision to resign with immediate effect, the very distinguished position of Chair.

I would strongly urge the Council Committee’s to unify with the Registrar, Vice Chair, and our new Finance Committee Chair to continue the mission politically to gain mandatory registration. In this mission to please put aside old differences and unite in our cause. To find common factors that will unite all of us in our great industry. Be it a salon owner, a freelancer, an apprentice, manufacturer, wholesaler, trade body whatever your role, please stand together and with the Hair and Barber Council, find those core binding beliefs that can drive us as one voice to influence the Government to ensure we get the very best support for our sector.

The Francesco Group will continue to support the cause for mandatory registration and hopefully in the not-too-distant future be an active part of the Hair and Barber Council team once again.

All my very best wishes,


Ben Dellicompagmi

February 2022


Response from Hair and Barber Council Registrar – Keith Conniford

I am extremely sad to say that I have recently had a conversation and a subsequent letter from Ben Dellicompagni resigning as Chair of The Hairdressing Council trading as the Hair and Barber Council.

His resignation is purely for business reasons, has nothing to do with the work or the cause of the Hair and Barber Council and I could tell from the way he spoke about this decision that he was as sad to have to tell me as I was sad to be hearing it.

I have always had the highest regard for Ben’s honesty and integrity and will miss him hugely for his transparency and considered opinions.

In a relatively short time as Chair, Ben’s initial contribution has been extremely valuable, and on behalf of the Council I offer him my sincerest of thanks.


Keith Conniford

Registrar – The Hair and Barber Council

February 2022