The Budget and the way forward

The Budget and the way forward

From The Registrar of The Hair and Barber Council

Sadly, the Budget didn’t give the financial support for our sector that we wanted and campaigned heavily for.

The VAT situation still goes on unresolved and I am very disappointed that the Chancellor didn’t use this budget to address this in line with the Hospitality sector.

However, focusing on the positive, the Chancellor did announce that businesses in the ‘Personal Care’ sector (hair salons, barber shops and beauty salons etc) can claim up to £18,000 as part of the Restart Business Grants scheme, which will hopefully help in some way.

Additionally, the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson MP, announced on the 22 February in his statement to the nation, that the ‘Personal Care’ sector could reopen on the 12 April, providing infection rates stay under control. This was a major statement for our industry given that the strong rumours in Westminster prior to this announcement, were saying that we wouldn’t be allowed to open until hospitality did, which would have been the 17 May!

For avoidance of doubt and despite the confusing statement The Chancellor made in the House yesterday, we have had confirmation that you can still open on the 12 April and are eligible for higher Restart Business Grants as we are a sector that has been hugely affected by restrictions!

Our many representations to the Small Business Minister, Paul Scully MP, about this and other issues, finalised with him agreeing with us that our sector was one of the safest businesses for customers to visit, and as such he would do all he could to ensure we opened as soon as possible. I am positive that it was with his intervention that we were pulled forward to open on 12 April. In addition, following our lack of financial support throughout the pandemic, I think that the up to £18,000 restart business grant, could also have been down to his intervention with The Treasury.

Another positive way forward recently is that the Government Office (BEIS), Paul Scully and various other MPs are now coming to us to engage for our sector rather than us having to keep chasing them.

The Hairdressing Council (trading as The Hair and Barber Council) is the ONLY Statutory Regulatory Authority in the Hair and Barber sector, underwritten by the 1964 Registration Act of Parliament, and are here to represent you, our members, at the highest level in Westminster.

We will keep on working with all of you to ‘Shape the Future Together’

My sincere thanks for your continued support Best wishes as always,


Keith Conniford – Registrar – The Hair and Barber Council