Use of visors and goggles from May 17th

Step 3 – The next stage of the route out of lockdown

The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson MP, announced on Monday 10 May that the next phase of the lockdown would be going ahead as planned in England from Monday 17 May. 
The Personal Care department at BEIS (Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy) confirmed to us that;
From 17 May practitioners (hairdressers and barbers) will still be legally required to wear a facemask. 
Whilst the law doesn’t say that you have to wear visors or goggles together with a face mask whilst practicing hairdressing or barbering services from 17 May, it is strongly recommended that you DO continue to wear a visor or goggles, as well as a face mask. 
The law and guidance has changed from;
“You must wear visors or goggles to manage the risks of Covid”
“You must do what is necessary to manage the risks of Covid.
This could be open to interpretation but it is clear that you must continue to do everything you can to manage the health and safety in the salon or barbershop of your customers and staff.
The existing guidance surrounding social distancing, washing your hands frequently, and ventilating your premises as much as you can, STILL remain in place. In short, you must still continue to do all you can to protect your customers and staff from the risk of contracting coronavirus.
The level of risk hasn’t changed and therefore the use of a visor or goggles is still strongly recommended to manage the risks. This should also form part of your risk assessment procedure.
Customers still have to wear a face covering in public places, and in England it states that customers must not remove their face covering unless it is essential for carrying out a particular treatment.
Ultimately, you still have a duty of care to manage health and safety in the salon or barbershop and as such you must take every precaution you can to protect your customers and staff. 
NB: Some local authority enforcement officers are still continuing to enforce the use of visors or goggles and may take action against you if you are not using them. It would be a good idea therefore to check with your local authority/council to understand what their local policy is.
– You can provide reading materials such as newspapers and magazines in client waiting areas.
– You can provide refreshments in line with the guidance for restaurants, pubs, bars and takeaway services. 
– Keep premises ventilated as much as possible.  
– The guidance on gloves for treatments has also been clarified where it says “Unless it is crucial for the treatment, change practices to avoid any potential skin-to-skin contact. You should continue to use gloves for any treatments where there is a risk of contact with blood or body fluids.”