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Why Register?

How can you prove you’re a real professional?

By joining thousands of other stylists as a State Registered Hairdresser, you will gain:

  • Official recognition under the law: the Hairdressers and Barbers Registration Act
  • A Certificate underwritten by law, by the Act of Parliament.
  • Receiving a State Registered Hairdresser or State Registered Barber ‘Pin’
  • The right to use the initials SRH (State Registered Hairdresser) or SRB (State Registered Barber) after your name.
  • The right to possibly apply for Master Craftsman Status after two consecutive years of being on the professional register.
    Only State Registered Hairdressers and State Registered Barbers can become Master Craftsmen in hairdressing and barbering.
  • Credentials you will find useful – or may need – if wanting to practise hairdressing in Europe, America or elsewhere.
  • Access to free advice on the SRH and SRB dedicated phone line.
  • Access to possibly the cheapest insurance cover available.
  • Receiving regular newsletters, posts, messages and all communications to keep you up to date with all the progress we are making with Government on many industry issues and our path to mandatory registration.
  • Elevating your industry status.
Don’t wait? register today !