Become a Master Craftsman


Become a Master Craftsman

Whether you are a hairdresser or barber, you can join the prestigious ranks of Master Craftsman. This industry accolade is a celebration of the skills, knowledge and qualifications that you as a true professional have achieved in your career.

If you have been a State Registered hairdresser or barber for at least two years and have management or teaching experience, you may be eligible to become a Master Craftsman in Hairdressing or Barbering.

This accolade is the perfect way to demonstrate to your peers and customers that you are among the very best of your profession.

For further details on how you can become a Master Craftsman, please log on to our website; and click on the ‘Master Craftsman’ box on the home page

In addition, once approved, you can apply for a second certificate at a cost of £10 to showcase your status in more than one location, by logging into the members area.